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Hardy, Tari Principal
Jensen, Michael Dean of Students
Webster, Kaye Counselor
Peck, Michelle Instructional Coach
Murphy, Pauline Administrative Assistant
Martinez, Darlene Attendance Clerk
Murphy, Cora Health Aide

Bahe, Loretta Science
Barker, Florence Special Education
Cargile, Benedetta Music Director
Forster, Mark Physical Education
Forster, Marlena ELA
Hood, Michael Math
Knight, Kent Social Studies
Martin, Paul Math
Miller, Paul Science
Peck, Michelle Instructional Coach
Thompson, Charles Social Studies
Wiessner, Julie ELA

Bacon, Heather Special Education Parapro
Cooper, Mary RTC
Fatty, Arlinda Special Education Parapro
Jimmy, Sarah Library
Moncibaiz, David Special Education Parapro