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  Mission Statement  

The Sanders Unified School District #18 is dedicated to the future success of our students.


In order to accomplish this mission, the SUSD school community will have the following: 

Standards and academic expectations that are high and rigorous.

United purpose and goals.

Strong community partnerships that lead to well balanced students.

Dedication to the future success of our students!



  About The School  

Visitors to our school

All visitors are required to report to the school office upon entering the building. Parents are welcome and are encouraged to visit the school. When requesting to visit a classroom, advanced notice is appreciated. Visitors must have a pass to enter the school beyond the lobby.

Our philosophy

Sanders Middle School is dedicated to a cross-curricular instructional strategy which emphasizes reading and math in all academic disciplines. We believe that all students can learn. We embrace the highest expectations for student achievement regardless of age, ability, or group.

Our goals

Increase Student Achievement - Sanders Middle School will have 90% of Full Academic Year (FAY) students demonstrate at least a year’s growth measured by the Instructional Effectiveness (IE) Assessment Pre/Post in K-12 English Language Arts and Math.

Continue to Improve Instructional Practice - All teachers at Sanders Middle School will demonstrate and implement researched-based best practices in the classroom. These practices will include, but are not limited to: Visible, clearly stated objectives written in student-friendly language containing observable and measurable verbs; Verbal scaffolding using pertinent vocabulary; Use of differentiated instruction (RTI Model); Frequent and valid formative assessments (check for understanding); Lesson planning that focuses on student engagement and participation that will lead to better retention of information.

Establish a Safe and Effective Learning Environment - Sanders Middle School will create an environment that is conducive to learning by reducing incidents of bullying and violence and drugs and alcohol during the 2013-2014-school year.

Community and Parent Involvement - Sanders Middle School will be more accessible and community-friendly as evidenced by:

  • Holding an open house each fall.
  • Providing parent and child activity nights and / or classes.
  • Holding parent-teacher conferences twice a year.
  • Holding two student showcase nights each year.